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Reading List 2017

Last year I started taking short notes on the books I read. It made me think a bit more about the experience they offered me and forced me to think over the ideas and what I want to take from each book. Let’s see what I’ll manage to read during […]

Reading List 2016

So there goes another year. Let’s see what I’ll manage to read during 2016 and how I’ll like it. “Trouble is My Business” by Raymond Chandler (3/5) A collection of short stories about Philip Marlowe unlike some of the other Chandler books on the topic. Interesting to know is that […]

PHPExcel and Hiding Rows and Columns

PHPExcel is a nice library for generating Excel files in PHP. If you need to manipulate existing Excel files you can also do it via this library. Here is a sample how you can read an Excel file based on its type and then hide some rows and columns. date_default_timezone_set(‘Europe/Berlin’); […]

OS X and “accountsd” high CPU load

As a Mac user I’ve been pretty happy with the stability and speed of OS X. Recently I’ve been experiencing some unclear CPU load spikes (around 60%) caused by the “accountsd” process. While annoying, killing the process via the Activity Monitor (either via “quit” or a “force quit”) removed it from […]